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Montreal, Canada


Tel  1 514 938-0731


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Bruce has drawn cities, people, court-rooms, athletes, and actors on stage. Where he has most often gone ,in a purely imaginative way, is his depiction of horses and the tension they represent between force and sensitivity, myth and spirit...

Shows over the last decade or more:

Carnet de Voyage, Impromptu, and Year of the Horser (2001,2002, and 2003) 
    at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Gallery

Pigeon-Urban Animal (2006) Atrium Hotel Nelligan, Montreal

One Night Stand Performance (2008) Point Rouge Gallery, Montreal

Drawing from the Dance (2009) Hotel Méridien, Montreal

Equus (2010) Galerie Westmount

Subway Warriors (2011) Old Brewery Mission, Montreal

Cavalli (2012) Chez Capriccio, Paris

Art Performance (2013) Galerie Espace, Montreal

Horse Mural Installation, (2014) City of Westmount

Horse Obsession (2015) "O"Plaisirs, Montreal

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